Unique Playground Ideas from HAGS

We've helped customers across Europe develop unique and themed playgrounds for their historic sites, tourist attractions and theme parks. If you've got a big playground idea, we can make it happen.

Our modular and expandable UniPlay System is perfect for making large, themed, custom play units and our expert designers can provide themed spring toys, net play structures and other traditional products, with access to the entire PlayPower family of companies.


This playground has been designed for the Glass House in Limmared, Sweden. The central feature is a custom designed shipwreck, built from UniPlay components and featuring a huge tube slide as well as wheelchair accessible areas. Around the ship are benches and other play equipment including trampolines, swings and sports fascilities for football, basketball and parkour.

Fløng, Denmark

This play area for Flong, Denmark includes a giant net play unit and several unique architectural pieces.

Ships and Boats

Custom Pirate Ship Playground in Spain

large red pirate ship playgroundlarge blue pirate ship playground

This original wheelchair accessible pirate ship was designed for the City of Burgos in Spain. Since then our designers have re-imagined and re-used the structure for several playgrounds across Europe. 


Castles and Towers

Custom red castle Playground

large red lighthouse playgroundlarge blue castle playground

Large multi-play unit with tube slide in Ostrava Czech Republic

Largest Playground in Czech Republic

The new playground in Ostrava has become the biggest one in the country with large bespoke UniMini and UniPlay structures, as well as fitness equipment.

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Playground aerial shot in Vejle Denmark

Net play in Vejle, Denmark

In close collaboration with the housing association, contractors and architects, we created a unique play area where the slope became the main attraction.

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Outdoor recreational space in France

Play and sports park with a railway theme, Béthune, France

As part of a vast regeneration scheme aiming to improve the quality of life of the residents, this large recreational space offers plenty of options.

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structure de jeux thématique bateau

Inclusive Pirate Themed Playground, Burgos, Spain

HAGS designed and developed an inclusive playground in the city of Burgos for children of all abilities to enjoy, creating a comfortable play area for both children and parents.

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